Getting the Most of Your Pedicure

Time Treasure (words)Time Treasure Tuesday…  I love getting pedicures but they seem to fade away so fast. After a week my polish starts to chip, peel and well, look less than pretty. I must be hard on my poor toes. I spend the summer in flip-flops and sandals doing everything from yard work, shopping to taking care of baby and our chickens.

As you ladies know… pedicure aren’t cheap, take time to schedule and not to mention actually going to your appointment. So how do you stretch your time in between appointments?

Time Treasure Tip: Bring your own polish. When your nail color begins to chip, peel and otherwise need a touch-up, you will have your own nail color to apply a new coat to create a freshly polished look. Add a clear top coat and you are good for another week or so.

Lock It Up!

Time Treasure (words)Time Treasure Tuesday…  I write this post as my husband is informing me via text that he has had yet another bike stolen – this makes 3 bikes that he has stolen in the past 3 years that we have been married. Yep that is one for every year we have been married – this could get expensive! He is in Portland for training for two weeks and took his bike so he can get around the city during his down time and he loves riding for exercise.

My husband is a trusting sole who has had 3 cars stolen and countless bikes stolen – sometime locked up and sometimes just sitting there ready for the taking. Oh how much time he has spent filing police reports, following up with insurance claims, replacing his stolen items and not to mention trying to find his ride back home.

Time Treasure Tip: please… learn from my husband! Lock up your bikes, cars, and homes. Make it hard for someone to steal from you. Yes, keeping things under lock and key takes time and consistency – but just think of all the time and money you will save. Need I say more?

Oh Those Darn Emails!

1. EmailsNearly 80 percent of e-mails sent worldwide are spam and according to the National Technology Readiness Survey and Maryland’s business school, the average time spent per day deleting spam messages is 2.8 minutes. If you do the math, the average person wastes several hours each year deleting junk emails. Some of you just ignore them (like my husband) and your inboxes are cluttered up with so much junk that you can’t find those important emails when you need to. Others of you (like my mom) gets hundreds of spam emails each day and spends five or more minutes  each day just cleaning out the junk before being able to get to  the good stuff.  Oh so much time wasted each day searching, sorting and deleting emails.

Time Treasure Tip: spend that 2.8 minutes each day  unsubscribing, blocking, and/or reporting those unwanted emails a s spam. Before you know it you will have a much cleaner inbox and will be spending  a  whole lot more time on the important ones.