Husband’s Away… Wife Will Play

Ladies, what do you do when your husband goes out of town for two weeks? I write this as I am reflecting back on the past two weeks and all the wonderful things I had the freedom to do while my husband was in Portland, Oregon. He was studying for his doctorate of ministry degree while I was joyfully on my own (well we do have an eleven month old baby so not totally on my own).

There was plenty of time for me to think about all the wonderful things I wanted to do while he was gone for two weeks – he makes this trip each June for three years for his doctorate studies. I have to admit the first thing I did was clean the house and the laundry. Oh the joys of having a clean house for two weeks! No ‘accidents’ on the toilet rim. No husband to clean up after. No stopping what I was doing at 4 pm to start dinner. No toothpaste in the bathroom sink. Oh… and having the bed to myself was a little piece of heaven!

Let’s talk about the garage. I know that space is supposed to be reserved for the guys but I do want to park my car in there especially with having a little one. It’s no fun having to shovel snow in the winter and hard to put baby in a hot car in the summer. So I spent two days throwing stuff away, taking an entire truck load of stuff to the local donation center, and organizing the space. I couldn’t wait for my husband to see how our garage looked all cleaned and empty!

Whew! Those first three days of ‘playing’ deserved a much needed reward so I did some shopping and had lunch at one of my favorite restaurants followed by some more shopping and ended with a fabulous dinner at yet another favorite spot.

Now, on to my most favorite playtime activities… Landscaping and decorating! The days following were spent landscaping our backyard and creating a space that I lovingly call our cabana retreat. If you know me, you will know that we have 19 chickens and we have allowed them to free range on our entire property for the past two years. It was time to reclaim some space of our own. No more chickens stealing my lunch right out of my hands as I tried to find a spot that didn’t have chicken poop on it. (Yes, chickens are worse than dogs when it comes to begging for food and stealing it if you don’t give it up right away). Up went the fencing. Raking, weeding, and planting new plants ensued after I had a safe place away from the ornery hens. Next was the cabana, flowers, cushioned patio furniture, candles, and speakers for music. Oh – this was my next little piece of heaven.

When my husband arrived back home after two weeks he wasn’t sure he was even at the right place. Pleasantly surprised at all of his wife’s play-time activities, he gets to now enjoy little piece of my heaven – except having the bed to himself.

But seriously, I missed my husband and couldn’t wait for him to come home. We skyped almost every night and talked on the phone every day so we could stay connected (no I didn’t tell him about all my secret play-time activities) but we did have fun with baby trying to figure out where daddy was in the computer and it was nice seeing his handsome face.

I am currently now working on my plans for next June, hmmm… what will I come up with for next year?