Hummingbird Feeders

Want to know the perfect sugar water ratio to attract hummingbirds and keep them coming back? I don’t know why I have struggled with this in the past – it seems straight forward enough – but I never seemed to have hummingbirds at my feeders.  They would fly by check it out and quickly leave. I just didn’t have the goods they were looking for. After a few attempts over the course of three years I just gave up and gave the feeder to someone else.

Fast forward about 10 years… my mother recently moved from her home of twenty years and gave me her feeder since she was not going to be needing it any longer (she is moving to Hawaii and didn’t want to take it with her). It looked brand new and I thought I would give it another try. I currently live in high desert terrain with not much for hummingbirds to eat. I’ve only seen a very few hummingbirds around my home. But just the other day one flew by my front door wondering if the finch bird house had any food – it must have been the barn red color that caught it’s eye.

Wanting to do it right this time, I called mom. She is an expert at feeding these little birds and would have so many of them that she had to fill the feeder every day to keep them in juice. I am embarrassed to even write how easy this is!!  But I followed her recipe exactly and oh yes! It only took a few hours and we had a little hummingbird stop by to have a drink.  It must have liked it – it was at the feeder for a while. Yea for Moms and little birds!

Ratio:  1 cup water to 1/4 cup sugar (mom said they like C&H best)

Bring water to boil in microwave – stir in sugar until dissolved – cool and fill feeder.

Yep folks it’s that easy…