Meet Tilisa


Hi, I’m Tilisa Crandell

I am a Dream Life Designer, Trainer, and Personal Coach.

I love my life and I want you to love yours too!

My Dream Life Designer business was born out of my own passion for Living a Life I Love. Several years ago my life drastically changed with a new marriage, new hometown, new church, and two years later a new baby. One day I woke up feeling lost and wondering “Where did Tilisa go?” My married-mom-ministry life had me busy but I felt like I was just checking off boxes on my mile-long to-do list and not doing a very good job of taking care of myself and… certainly not living my dream life. I was like a lot of women who take care of everyone else but left little or no time for themselves and their passions. It was time for a change!

Leaning on my 20+ years of experience of helping others be the best they can be, I began creating my own signature Dream, Define & Design a Life You Love program. Originally, I created this program for myself to help me re-discover who I was, what I wanted to get out of life and help keep me focused on my dreams and goals. It was SO HELPFUL that I wanted to share it with other women like you! I can’t wait to HELP YOU DREAM, DEFINE & DESIGN A LIFE YOU Love too!

My personal mission is to empower women to be all that God’s has designed them to be while living a life they love full of passion and purpose. Here is a little more about me…

Currently, Tilisa serves as the Family Life Ministry Director of Faith Community Church where her husband is the lead pastor. Together they strive to create a church family that grows spiritually together through their relationship with God, connecting with each other, serving one another and sharing the word of God. Tilisa has over 20 years experience managing and directing non-profit organizations such as Family Resource Center, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Child Abuse Prevention Center, KidsFirst, Auburn Area Animal Rescue Foundation, FieldHaven and currently Faith Community Church. As a trained facilitator of the Franklin Covey 7-Habits of Highly Successful People and a Certified Life Coach, Tilisa loves helping women create strategies and solutions to help them live a life they love and do what they do best everyday.

She also is the Founder of Emerge Anew Ministries.  This ministry partners with local community non-profit agencies serving women and children. So many women (of all ages) find themselves lost, depressed, with no voice or vision for their future. They think that the life they have now is all that it is ever going to be. Emerge Anew Ministries shows women that they have HOPE, they are LOVED, and that they are BEAUTIFUL!  Meeting women right were they are – sometimes it’s right in the middle of the muck of life – we strive to lift them up, love on them and show them there is another way… through workshops, support groups, coaching, books, journals and lots of encouragement all along the way.

Tilisa lives in Northern Nevada with her husband Donny and their son Kyson. She loves spending time cooking, writing, being outdoors with her chickens and doves, gardening, riding bikes, camping and one of her favorites is lounging under her backyard cabana reading and spending time in prayer.


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