Today is the Day!

Today is the Day that I take my life back.  This morning I took a look around at my home, my calendar, my to-do list, my body and my cupboards… I did not like what I saw. This is not me! I am not this disorganized, stressed out, out-of-shape woman that I have become over the past year and a half. Oh but I do have a great excuse – I spent that time in fertility treatments, pregnancy and surviving the past nine months of being a new mom. Blessing that he is, my life has gotten out of control! Of course it’s not his fault, I have let myself get distracted, over-committed and over-whelmed.

It is time to take back ME! I want to feel like Tilisa again, I want to feel at home and comfortable in my own skin.  Where do I begin? I have so much stuff! My home is so cluttered with ‘things’ that I have accumulated, purchased and received as gifts. My closets are filled to the rim with clothes, shoes, purses, scarves, and belts. My cupboards are empty of healthy and good-for-me foods. My body is still fifteen pounds overweight from my pregnancy. My life is over-booked and over-committed with obligations, meetings, and a to-do-list that feels like a mile long. Sound familiar?

journeyOh the thought of being uncluttered, organized and healthy is so appealing! I ask myself again ‘Where do I begin?’ And so I set out on my journey on the road to Simply Organized Meets Real Life – want to join me? I created this blog to help others (and myself) with real life strategies to keep life simple, organized, healthy, and less stressful.

Blessings to a new you!