Getting the Most of Your Pedicure

Time Treasure (words)Time Treasure Tuesday…  I love getting pedicures but they seem to fade away so fast. After a week my polish starts to chip, peel and well, look less than pretty. I must be hard on my poor toes. I spend the summer in flip-flops and sandals doing everything from yard work, shopping to taking care of baby and our chickens.

As you ladies know… pedicure aren’t cheap, take time to schedule and not to mention actually going to your appointment. So how do you stretch your time in between appointments?

Time Treasure Tip: Bring your own polish. When your nail color begins to chip, peel and otherwise need a touch-up, you will have your own nail color to apply a new coat to create a freshly polished look. Add a clear top coat and you are good for another week or so.

Published by

Tilisa Crandell

Real Life... Pastor's Wife, Mom, Speaker, Author, Family-Life Ministry Director, Spiritual Wellness and Meditation Coach, and lover of gardening, cooking and raising backyard chickens. Tilisa's personal mission is helping others to foster a deep and loving relationship with the one true God.

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