Lock It Up!

Time Treasure (words)Time Treasure Tuesday…  I write this post as my husband is informing me via text that he has had yet another bike stolen – this makes 3 bikes that he has stolen in the past 3 years that we have been married. Yep that is one for every year we have been married – this could get expensive! He is in Portland for training for two weeks and took his bike so he can get around the city during his down time and he loves riding for exercise.

My husband is a trusting sole who has had 3 cars stolen and countless bikes stolen – sometime locked up and sometimes just sitting there ready for the taking. Oh how much time he has spent filing police reports, following up with insurance claims, replacing his stolen items and not to mention trying to find his ride back home.

Time Treasure Tip: please… learn from my husband! Lock up your bikes, cars, and homes. Make it hard for someone to steal from you. Yes, keeping things under lock and key takes time and consistency – but just think of all the time and money you will save. Need I say more?

Published by

Tilisa Crandell

Real Life... Pastor's Wife, Mom, Speaker, Author, Family-Life Ministry Director, Spiritual Wellness and Meditation Coach, and lover of gardening, cooking and raising backyard chickens. Tilisa's personal mission is helping others to foster a deep and loving relationship with the one true God.

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