Going Green This Summer

Going Green This Summer

Are you ever excited when something breaks down and you have to buy a new one? A weird question I know but sometimes we are just waiting for something old to break to give us an excuse to buy a new and improved, updated model.  This happened to me this weekend when our old heavy, gas lawn mower had mowed it last lawn on Saturday. You know it’s getting bad when your husband has to show you how to use the pliers to get it started. Not to mention what a crazy fool I felt like pulling that stubborn starter string about 20 times before it finally gave in to my desperate need of cutting my grass. It was embarrassing how long our grass had gotten and not to mention how many dandelion weeds were popping up everywhere. Well, in my defense it was the first nice weekend we have had this spring.

Boy was I excited that it finally gave up and quit working! But now what to do? What kind of mower to buy? As usual, I hopped on the internet and started doing my homework. I put in my criteria for four or more stars for the user ratings and a maximum dollar amount of $400 (way more than what my husband wanted to spend but I wanted to see what my options were). And then… There it was! A battery operated mower. Wait – What??? Ok, I had to check that one out further.

The big day arrived on Wednesday – a huge box delivered by UPS. I couldn’t wait for baby to take his afternoon nap so I could open it up, charge the batteries, and put the mower together.  Then I couldn’t wait for hubby to get home so he could watch the baby so I could give it a try.  Oh the joys of no more starter strings to pull, no more gas and oil to add, and about 40 pounds lighter!!  I just pushed the button and began to mow to my heart’s content – we have over a third of an acre so I got lots of practice in that evening. It felt like cheating – it was so light, push button starter, and the mulching was beautiful. Oh happy day!

Going green never was so satisfying!  Now if I can just get rid of those darn dandelions…

*** Note: I mow and my husband does the weed-eating – a good trade-off for both of us. I have been known to get my legs with the darn thing a time or two so it’s best to keep weed whackers out of my hands.

*** Double Note: I am not endorsing or getting paid to promote this particular lawn mower. Please do your own homework and decide which mower is best for you and your family. 

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Tilisa Crandell

Real Life... Pastor's Wife, Mom, Speaker, Author, Family-Life Ministry Director, Spiritual Wellness and Meditation Coach, and lover of gardening, cooking and raising backyard chickens. Tilisa's personal mission is helping others to foster a deep and loving relationship with the one true God.

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